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Hello! I'm Keli and I'm a strategic social media and digital marketing expert with 10+ years of experience dedicated to creative and exciting digital branding. I know how to do all things social from soup to nuts with additional expertise in digital and SEO.  

My career started in publishing, then online lifestyle entertaiment and arts journalism, LGBTQ lifestyle/rights activism, health, and recenly influencer marketing.

I've been an editor, a creative director, a writer, a curator, event planner, social media director, and a community engagement director. Not only am I a leader, but also like to roll up my sleeves to do the work myself which, I think, make me a more effective manager of others. 

I'm also a working artist which helps drive my creativity.

Social Media Link

Social Media Link is an influencer marketing agency. As Director of Community engagement, I'm was in charge of increasing engagement from our online community. That included:

• Strategic creation, implementation, and analysis of digital marketing campaigns
• Branding strategy via digital, social, and influencer marketing
• Client facing management
• Contract negotiation

I was aslo responsible for a team of 10 people who managed copy writing, copy editing, email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, comment moderating, blogging, and digital analytics.

Successful campaigns I implemented include increasing connections of social media accounts, email marketing subject line A/B testing with emojis, and an education campaign on having our community create quality social media, forum, and retail review posts.

An interesting campaign tactic that we used regularly is Twitter Parties. A week before we came up with predetermined questions and requests for shares, with a specific hashtag, and promoted that we would be hosting on Twitter via Twitter of course, Facebook, and email. At the time of the party, we spent an hour posting to promote a specific brand, like Kroger, Arm & Hammer, Nexium and a variety of other CPG brands. This often resulted in 10,000's to 100,000's of impressions for the brand.

Click here for a link to the AbCuts Twitter party we hosted.

And just a sample of a promotional tweet for the party.

CarePoint Health

I was hired to create CarePoint Health's Social Media from the ground up. As their Social Media Specialist, my role involves strategic social and digital marketing for several brands within the system. I've taken the company's social media from disjointed and disengaged with their online community to specifically targeted and active with their target market.

I've taken all social media and quadrupled the followers on Facebook and Twitter in less than two years. I started an Instagram account, as well as a robust Pinterest, created 125 individual Yelp Profiles, and developed our LinkedIn. I also direct and produce videos for YouTube which are then used for digital marketing, and social media pushes. I strategize, monitor, edit, write, and create content for branding, customer service, and SEO.

I also led the rebranding of an entire department of the system and deployed all marketing to refresh it's purpose within the company and the community. You can see a picture of the LGBTQ Pride event where we launched the Ryan White Program below.

I started a blog for the company and collaborated with our own expert doctors to boost awareness of trending topics in the news and in health and through SEO.

Finally, I'm facsinated with learning from analytics to hone strategies, so the correct communication reaches the right audience.

CarePoint Health on Facebook

CarePoint Health on Twitter

CarePoint Health on Pinterest

CarePoint Health on Instagram

Photo I took for CarePoint's Instagram for the LGTQ Pride event where we launched the  rebranded Ryan White Program

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Opening a brand new office!

I oversaw the complete rebrand of the Ryan White Program and had a few infographics including this one on Infographic on HIV Awareness created.


Brightest Young Gays

As and Creative Director and Editor of Brightest Young Gays, ( @BYGays, our Facebook) I helped scout writers, worked with them to tailor their columns, and edited their posts weekly.

I also helped write and promote BYGays to the queer and straight communities. Head on over the the Editorial section at the top for a curated selection of my articles.

We also threw sporsored events like Pool Parties, Fundraisers, and The Official Capital Pride Party. As a team we obtained sponsors including Capitol Pride, Smirnoff, and Vitamin Water. We also organize venues and creatively collaborate with promoters, DJ's, artists, and photographers.


One Medical Group

At One Medical Group I worked as a Brand Ambassador and Community Manager. At our influencer events I engaged event goers to let them know about One Medical's mission. Over eight months went to approximately ten events in New York and in San Francisco where I turned attendees into new patients. In a few instances I converted skeptical attendees to patients on the spot using our mobile app. I gradually increased my involvement and became the point person and preferred ambassador for events. I loved going to these events to meet people, chat about the benefits of the company, and act as its biggest cheerleader.

Simultaneously, I worked on developing the company's brand via two social media outlets. I developed our Pinterest from a skeleton into a full fledged outlet for client retention and acquisition. I copywrote Pins and actively sought out influential pinners to develop digital relationships. My third area of brand development invovled research on analytics for Pinterest.

I also developed a weekly Tweet called #HealthyHabit to promote One Medical.

Vestibule DC

Next, I helped found Vestibule DC, a pop up gallery with accompanying opening event. I reached out to collaborate with PBR for celebration beers for over 600 people and worked with artists to curate a very well attended opening. I also reached out to newspapers and blogs for coverage including Brightest Young Things and Project Pink Line.  Here are a few photos from the event.

Washington City Paper

Finally, while working at the Washington City Paper, I contributed a couple of articles: an art review, and a description of my trials with a DC landlord. As a receptionist, then as a sales assistant, I switched hats frequently. I managed interns, fielded customer service calls, managed distribution and circulation, and organized weekly mailings.

Now, I know this is all very exciting. I'll give you a minute to catch your breath. ............................. Ok, now that we're both calm don't forget to contact me. I'm open to short term realtionships, long term relationships, or even one night events.

You'll find me at kelianaya (at), @kelianaya, or I have a contact tab up on the right side there, which will give you everything you've ever wanted.