• A/B Marketing Discrimination Testing?


    *** See below for update

    I've been underemployed now since February and it's reached a point where I need to figure out alternative means to get my resume in front of people. I've applied to over 700 jobs now and have only a handful of phone interviews and just a couple of in person interviews. I'm not sure what's going on but I'm going to do some A/B testing to see what might be the cause.

    I was inspired yesterday by the video above to see if there is some sort of discrimination involved in the hiring process. Yes this is aggressive, yes this is political, yes I hope my future employers see this.

    My name is Keli. Like Kelly which is typically a woman's name. I've decided today to change all my online profiles and resume to just Joseph, my first name. My friend/mentor/previous supervisor Angel Rattay said, "If you did get a response, would you want to work at a place that would discriminate against a woman?" No, I wouldn't, but I think this is an important test to see if that actually could be the cause of my job response dearth.

    Stay tuned, let's see what happens!

    *** Update 1/7/2018

    This test began in 2016 and it's now 2018.

    This test blew my mind. I changed my name and immdiately got 6 interviews set up for the next week, which was the same amount as the previous 8 months. WILD! I even started talking to different women friends about this and found that some even change their names to just initials with their last name so they could even get a call for a phone interview.

    I will say that there could be a variety of issues that could have affected not getting interviews. My career history is pretty specific even though marketing is similar across industries. Seasonality could also have been a factor, but I might rule that out since I had been looking for about 9 months.

    Overall, though, it seems pretty suspect that I would get 6 interviews in one week immediately after changing my name...

  • Chuck Close on Creativity

    I found this great post on Brain Pickings! Chuck Close describes his artistic process, which I'll get to in a sec. 

    I've been challenged lately in my artistic process. I've found inspiration again, but I still don't quite know what to make. It's the whole blank canvas senario that I've never faced before. It's like what do I represent? What belongs in this world?

    My painting professor Lisa Blas once said that when you make art, you are bringing something into this world that has never existed. That's stuck with me as an awe inspiring moment, but with an understanding of being thoughtful about what to create. I find myself questioning whether something should be given life. Should this brand new thing exist? It's a huge philosophical/existential question that seems small, but for me ends up being quite big.

    I start to relate these thoughts to the power of positive thinking and the ever expanding universe. There is always infinte stuff being created in the universe, so resources aren't limited. I should make infinite stuff!!!!! But where do I put all the stuff?

    Chuck Close takes a small approach to this conundrum:

    "See, I think our whole society is much too problem-solving oriented. It is far more interesting to [participate in] ‘problem creation’ … You know, ask yourself an interesting enough question and your attempt to find a tailor-made solution to that question will push you to a place where, pretty soon, you’ll find yourself all by your lonesome — which I think is a more interesting place to be."

    "And the belief that things will grow out of the activity itself and that you will — through work — bump into other possibilities and kick open other doors that you would never have dreamt of if you were just sitting around looking for a great ‘art idea.’ And the belief that process, in a sense, is liberating and that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every day. Today, you know what you’ll do, you could be doing what you were doing yesterday, and tomorrow you are gonna do what you did today, and at least for a certain period of time you can just work. If you hang in there, you will get somewhere."

    Create a situation to be solved, and tinker around until you find an answer. It seems so easy, right?

  • Prince, I Would Die 4 U

    You know those songs that you listen to and sometimes you get so obsessed that you can't stop for an entire week? I Would Die 4 U by Prince was one of those songs for me. I also danced to Let's Go Crazy more times than I can remember in college and even bonded with my mom over Raspberry Beret.

    I'm totally bummed that that much artsitic soul doesn't exist on Earth anymore!

    Here are the lyrics to I Would Die 4 U:

    I'm not a woman
    I'm not a man
    I am something that you'll never understand

    I'll never beat you
    I'll never lie
    And if you're evil I'll forgive you by and by

    'Cause you, I would die for you, yeah
    Darling if you want me to
    You, I would die for you

    I'm not your lover
    I'm not your friend
    I am something that you'll never comprehend

    No need to worry
    No need to cry
    I'm your messiah and you're the reason why

    'Cause you, I would die for you, yeah
    Darling if you want me to
    You, I would die for you

    You're just a sinner I am told
    Be your fire when you're cold
    Make you happy when you're sad
    Make you good when you are bad

    I'm not a human
    I am a dove
    I'm your conscious
    I am love
    All I really need is to know that
    You believe

    Yeah, I would die for you, yeah
    Darling if you want me to
    You, I would die for you

    Yeah, say one more time

    You, I would die for you
    Darling if you want me to
    You, I would die for you
    Two, three, four you

    I would die for you
    I would die for you
    You, I would die for you
    You, I would die for you

  • Gay Wedding at New York City Hall: Keli Anaya and James Derham Married

    Big update everyone! James and I got married at New York City Hall!

    James and I in the Kissing Garden across from City Hall.

    Rings by our amazing friend Lindsay Rodger of Casual Seance

    Pic at the Irish Hunger Memorial (I always seem to take pics with my eyes closed... lol!)

    Wedding brunch at Balthazar in SoHo! Yes I ate a basket of bread.

    James Derham + Keli Anaya 

  • DC Zine Fest

    Last Friday I met a fellow Project Dispatch artist, Stephanie Kwak, who invited me to include a zine for the DC Zine Fest. I made a few wheat paste posters and will bind them into a zine tonight.  Come find me at the festival to check out the zines IRL!

    A shout out goes to one of by BFForevz and the sexiest librarian I know, Ms. Erin Shea, for her inspirational "You Taste Like Nachos" zines. This zine wouldn't exist without you, Erin. (You can email her at youtastelikenachos (at) gmail (dot) com for a taste of her zine)



  • Art Recon

    I'm catching up on a few weeks worth of stuff.  

    A few weeks ago I made stickers at the very first Sticker Making Convention with Deborah Carroll Anzinger, Elizabeth Graeber, Grant Dickie, Chanjana Denharder, Tony Wilson, and Deborah's daughter Zoe (pronounced ZO-AY, or she'll get mad at you and wave a drippy paint brush in your face). We used postal service stickers (hint: they are free at the post office and last forever) and paint/markers/pens. Then we all swapped. So much fun!

    Wow, check out Elizbeth's portrait!

    Clockwise, left to right. Elizabeth, Deborah, Zo-ay.

    The bounty! Watch out for mine in Glover Park, down Wisconsin Ave and through Georgetown, up M, and into Dupont.

    I also sent out a new Project Dispatch subscription today! I'm so psyched about this piece and a little jealous of the recipient.  It's from that Time book about the Southwest that I picked up at a thrift store. 

    I'm rolling around in the sack with killer art stuff this weekend. Maybe I'll see you at the We Are Monsters show at Pleasant Plains Workshop, or the lecture on women photographers at the Women's Art Musuem.  I'm heading over with my friend, BROOKE HATFIELD. Look for me and a gilded, ethereal, Barbara Walters hazed vixen (that's Brooke) 

  • Barefoot Hippies and A Non-Shower Curtain

    Barefoot Hippies and A Non-Shower Curtain

    I set up my installation at Power Shift on Friday. Once I arrived at home after work, I quickly stuffed the work into a duffle and rode on down to the convention center.  After meeting with Vincent from Campus Progress, I got to work threading the strands that I pre-cut onto a wire.  It took a little time and some wicked problem solving to get the thing to hang just right, but hey, I think it looks pretty damn good. 

    For those of you that missed the conference, the place turned into a hippy den.  I'm serious. Some people walked around barefooted inside the convention center. You know, who needs shoes when you care that much about the enviroment?  Some others did couples yoga in the middle of everything. Yup, imagine lots of loose fabrics, dreds, and an overwhelming smell of body odor.  It was basically 1960's dream future, turned corporate.

    I returned on Sunday to pick up the piece which is still in that duffle awaiting it's rebirth.  You should keep your eyes peeled because who knows when it might strike next!

    Also, check out the explaination of the work.

  • Screen Printing MACHINE

    Elizabeth Graeber and I have had plans to get together and screen print for months now. I finally made it up to Pyramid Atlantic and we turned into SCREEN PRINTING MACHINES. I haven't printed in a while and it felt so nice to be in a studio surrounded by materials and smells. 

    Elizabeth printed some awsome totes with birds in orange and blue, while I printing some stickers. Here's a couple of pics. This one is courtesy of Elizabeth.

    That's me working on stickers.  I made around a hundred and fifty or so.  Also, do you see that book? It's a book about the South West.  I'm from the deserts of western Texas and it's geography really speaks to me.  I printed on a couple of really awesome pages.

    Get ready to see these around.  And, hey, if you would like to purchase a pack of these for your own personal tagging needs, feel free to shoot me an email. It's in the Contact link on the side.

  • Art Recon

    This might just be a semi-regular column on art stuff that happens over the weekend. This one was way full and extra exciting.  

    On Saturday I went to Pyramid Atlantic to celebrate their 30th anniversary.  I made these:

    Then off to the Polaroid II Retrospective where I bought my first piece of art from a gallery. It's from a New York based artist, Justin Violini. You'll have to wait to see how awesome the piece is.  God its really beautiful.  

    Today I hit up the cherry blossoms and made some more art using a 70's cookbook and inspiration from nature.  Woop. 

    Then I put up my first, of hopefully many, Elizabeth Graber prints. 


    And finally, I have a sneak peak at the piece that is going up on Friday for the Power Shift conference. It reminds me of sea life.  I never know how it will turn out, so I'm so pleased with how it looks so far!

  • Art Fair at Power Shift

    I've been posting this up like crazy on Facebook, but I also wanted to give a little shout out to Campus Progress for giving me the opportunity to show my work at their Art Fair at Power Shift. We also worked together on an interview about my piece, Ryan, which will go up at Power Shift.

    To give you a little background about the title, after Whirlpool, I noticed that because the work was in a public space, people started tearing it down.  I knew that would happen and was ok with the destruction. The act of putting something up outside is part of my art. I utilize outdoor spaces in a similar way that street artists do.  A piece is thrown up, and then is out of my hands.  Whatever happens to it, happens to it, just like stickers decomposing on the sides of mailboxes or spray painted works getting painted over.  

    I started to have apprehensions, though, because I didn't want to contribute plastic to the world if it weren't necessary. So, I started using biodegradeable plastic. 

    Last year, however, I went through a terrible breakup. I was homeless for four months, though I was able to stay at a friend's place during that time.  I needed some way to release my emotions so I started working with black non-biodegradeable plastic. The color really spoke to my feelings as well as the severity of material.  I wanted the world to be burdend with my pain and so used a material that will not biodegrade for hundreds of years.

    That ball of plastic has been wrapped up in my closet since the summer and now it is time to relieve myself of those emotions by releasing them to the world. Hopefully, people will feel what I felt and come away with a dual story about the environment and loss. 

    In the interview, you can read about the environmental aspects of the work.


  • Books for Inspiration

    One of my professors, Mary Coble, who eventually turned into a friend, recommended a couple of books to us about inspiration and confidence. I saw this one book that I never picked up for class at the National Gallery yesteryday.

    I think that it will give me the inspiration I've been searching for to come up with scenes that will get me into painting again.  And hopefully the 30 to 45 minutes I spend with the El Greco's every time I'm at that musuem. And that secret unicorn I found.

    Another couple I'd recommend for inspiration and confidence are:

    Found this gem at the Jim Henson exhibition at the Smithsonian a while back. I'm not going to lie, it gets me teary eyed every time. 

    And this is the last one that really helps me tackle making art:


    Pick this up if you are serious about making art.  It will give you the boost you need to create!