• A/B Marketing Discrimination Testing?


    I've been underemployed now since February and it's reach a point where I need to figure out alternative means to get my resume in front of people. I've applied to over 700 jobs now and have only a handful of phone interviews and just a couple of in person interviews. I'm not sure what's going on but I'm going to do some A/B testing to see what might be the cause.

    I was inspired yesterday by the video above to see if there is some sort of discrimination involved in the hiring process. Yes this is aggressive, yes this is political, yes I hope my future employers see this.

    My name is Keli. Like Kelly which is typically a woman's name. I've decided today to change all my online profiles and resume to just Joseph, my first name. My friend/mentor/previous supervisor Angel Rattay suggested that if I did get a response, would I want to work at a place that would discriminate against a woman. No, I wouldn't, but I think this is an important test to see if that actually could be the cause of my job response dearth.

    Stay tuned, let's see what happens!