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  • Art Fair at Power Shift

    I've been posting this up like crazy on Facebook, but I also wanted to give a little shout out to Campus Progress for giving me the opportunity to show my work at their Art Fair at Power Shift. We also worked together on an interview about my piece, Ryan, which will go up at Power Shift.

    To give you a little background about the title, after Whirlpool, I noticed that because the work was in a public space, people started tearing it down.  I knew that would happen and was ok with the destruction. The act of putting something up outside is part of my art. I utilize outdoor spaces in a similar way that street artists do.  A piece is thrown up, and then is out of my hands.  Whatever happens to it, happens to it, just like stickers decomposing on the sides of mailboxes or spray painted works getting painted over.  

    I started to have apprehensions, though, because I didn't want to contribute plastic to the world if it weren't necessary. So, I started using biodegradeable plastic. 

    Last year, however, I went through a terrible breakup. I was homeless for four months, though I was able to stay at a friend's place during that time.  I needed some way to release my emotions so I started working with black non-biodegradeable plastic. The color really spoke to my feelings as well as the severity of material.  I wanted the world to be burdend with my pain and so used a material that will not biodegrade for hundreds of years.

    That ball of plastic has been wrapped up in my closet since the summer and now it is time to relieve myself of those emotions by releasing them to the world. Hopefully, people will feel what I felt and come away with a dual story about the environment and loss. 

    In the interview, you can read about the environmental aspects of the work.