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  • Art Recon

    This might just be a semi-regular column on art stuff that happens over the weekend. This one was way full and extra exciting.  

    On Saturday I went to Pyramid Atlantic to celebrate their 30th anniversary.  I made these:

    Then off to the Polaroid II Retrospective where I bought my first piece of art from a gallery. It's from a New York based artist, Justin Violini. You'll have to wait to see how awesome the piece is.  God its really beautiful.  

    Today I hit up the cherry blossoms and made some more art using a 70's cookbook and inspiration from nature.  Woop. 

    Then I put up my first, of hopefully many, Elizabeth Graber prints. 


    And finally, I have a sneak peak at the piece that is going up on Friday for the Power Shift conference. It reminds me of sea life.  I never know how it will turn out, so I'm so pleased with how it looks so far!