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  • Screen Printing MACHINE

    Elizabeth Graeber and I have had plans to get together and screen print for months now. I finally made it up to Pyramid Atlantic and we turned into SCREEN PRINTING MACHINES. I haven't printed in a while and it felt so nice to be in a studio surrounded by materials and smells. 

    Elizabeth printed some awsome totes with birds in orange and blue, while I printing some stickers. Here's a couple of pics. This one is courtesy of Elizabeth.

    That's me working on stickers.  I made around a hundred and fifty or so.  Also, do you see that book? It's a book about the South West.  I'm from the deserts of western Texas and it's geography really speaks to me.  I printed on a couple of really awesome pages.

    Get ready to see these around.  And, hey, if you would like to purchase a pack of these for your own personal tagging needs, feel free to shoot me an email. It's in the Contact link on the side.