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  • Barefoot Hippies and A Non-Shower Curtain

    Barefoot Hippies and A Non-Shower Curtain

    I set up my installation at Power Shift on Friday. Once I arrived at home after work, I quickly stuffed the work into a duffle and rode on down to the convention center.  After meeting with Vincent from Campus Progress, I got to work threading the strands that I pre-cut onto a wire.  It took a little time and some wicked problem solving to get the thing to hang just right, but hey, I think it looks pretty damn good. 

    For those of you that missed the conference, the place turned into a hippy den.  I'm serious. Some people walked around barefooted inside the convention center. You know, who needs shoes when you care that much about the enviroment?  Some others did couples yoga in the middle of everything. Yup, imagine lots of loose fabrics, dreds, and an overwhelming smell of body odor.  It was basically 1960's dream future, turned corporate.

    I returned on Sunday to pick up the piece which is still in that duffle awaiting it's rebirth.  You should keep your eyes peeled because who knows when it might strike next!

    Also, check out the explaination of the work.