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  • Art Recon

    I'm catching up on a few weeks worth of stuff.  

    A few weeks ago I made stickers at the very first Sticker Making Convention with Deborah Carroll Anzinger, Elizabeth Graeber, Grant Dickie, Chanjana Denharder, Tony Wilson, and Deborah's daughter Zoe (pronounced ZO-AY, or she'll get mad at you and wave a drippy paint brush in your face). We used postal service stickers (hint: they are free at the post office and last forever) and paint/markers/pens. Then we all swapped. So much fun!

    Wow, check out Elizbeth's portrait!

    Clockwise, left to right. Elizabeth, Deborah, Zo-ay.

    The bounty! Watch out for mine in Glover Park, down Wisconsin Ave and through Georgetown, up M, and into Dupont.

    I also sent out a new Project Dispatch subscription today! I'm so psyched about this piece and a little jealous of the recipient.  It's from that Time book about the Southwest that I picked up at a thrift store. 

    I'm rolling around in the sack with killer art stuff this weekend. Maybe I'll see you at the We Are Monsters show at Pleasant Plains Workshop, or the lecture on women photographers at the Women's Art Musuem.  I'm heading over with my friend, BROOKE HATFIELD. Look for me and a gilded, ethereal, Barbara Walters hazed vixen (that's Brooke)