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Brightest Young Things

Here you will find my posts. The posts are really amazing, but I know you might not have all the time in the world to read my mad LOLZ, so here's a small curated selection (bonus: with quotes!).

Gay Best Weekend Bets: A roundup of weekend events with a gay or not so gay presence

     "Dress up your bike for a Murder Mystery Bike Ride. I imagine this involves a lot of screaming and       playing horror sound effects while trying to keep your princess gown from getting tangled up in your bike chain. Dreams do come true!"

Rise & Shine: The Internet Told Me So: A roundup of, ummmm... news from the internetz

     "Beyoncé, you’re getting it wrong, China runs the world."

How Gay is Your Lunch I created this special week long article to promote our very own Capital Pride Party. It's a another roundup, but this time it's mega fabulous!

     "These bitches were fierce before Gaga wore those McQueen shoes."

Ponies Choice Award I was one of four editors to work on this awards post for the "Best in LGBTQ DC".

     "3. Second floor south side, or north (idk where it’s at exactly so, whatever, wander around until you find it) you’ll find this buffalo hide round couch. It’s a real hide and it’s funnnnnn to twirl your fingers in its tail." 

Event Reviews: We work tirelessly to promote our brand by covering nightlife events, movies, fairs, music festivals, and even some day time events.

     "They moved from the stage, to gogo boxes, to the bar, then back to the dance floor where everyone collaborated in an enormous dancing, singing, celebrating success."


     "After the junket, and a few cocktails, we were invited to dinner.  The room was filled with people who purchased tickets wolves, hungry for James Franco. People gasped under their breaths when he entered.  The menu started with free drinks! Mmmmmm. Then we ate a pretty good salad with like some blue cheese crumbles or something delicious like that. Then out came a coffee encrusted duck with polenta and asparagus. The duck was eh and the polenta was nice. The hazelnut tart was eh, but OMG, WE WERE EATING THE SAME FOOD JAMES FRANCO WAS EATING."

Washington City Paper

Transformer's "E7" Show Offers Immersion for Lapsed Artists

"Is the program successful? Jennifer DePalma, one of the artists in the exhibition, thinks so. "The program has provided me with a lot of insight and intense feedback," she says."

Help My Landlord Got Foreclosed On!

"I'm pretty sure landlords cannot put restrictions on your sex life. But it went on:  Another bullet point said that I shouldn't drill holes in the wall to peek on other roommates undressing. Ok, weird, but I really needed a place to live, so I hid my apprehension behind a big smile."